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29 July 2009 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.33 is released. This is a service release. Complete list below.

  • Windows 7 compatibility fixes
  • Minor stability fixes

7 October 2005 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.32 is released. This is a service release. Complete list below.

  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur with My Computer view open in one window and manipulating files in the other
  • Show correct size for files of size >2GB on FTP servers
  • Fixed the random crashes experienced by some when using the shell view (non-magellan-details)
  • Fixed a hex viewer bug where data view would be "truncated" if the file contained weird non-CRLF line breaks
  • Fixed CPU usage problem
  • Ensure temporary folder is always created before attempting to use (in case other apps remove it)

28 April 2005 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.31 is released. This is a service release with minor improvements. Complete list below.

  • The 'New Folder' tool now supports creating multiple folder levels in one go. Just specify "folder1\folder2" etc.
  • Added option to Folder Windows|Startup preferences to allow remembering network drives as last open folder
  • Always issue FTP chdir command with trailing slash
  • The "backspace" hotkey now navigates to parent folder (like doucmentation says), not back in ther history
  • The Archive and FTP menus now work correctly in Windows NT 4.0 also
  • Fixed the incorrect fonts used in dialogs in Windows NT 4.0
  • Fixed an issue where the Archive mennu would appear empty
  • Correctly save the "Display special folders...using shell view" option in the Advanced Folder preferences
  • Fixed issues with FTP asking to reconnect when not needed in Explorer layout
  • Custom tool token %FN now correctly joins paths in the root folder also. Would previously add an extra "\" cauing problems on Windows 98/ME
  • Custom tool tokens %sp and %tp now always terminates path in a single "\", just like in Magellan Explorer 2.x
  • Custom tool token %rd now correctly makes the dialog application modal
  • Make all folder browse dialogs application modal
  • Fixed a bug that in very rare cases could cause copy from a network drive to fail with the error "Reached the end of the file."
  • More aggressive updaing of free disk space in label boxes and status line
  • Report correct copy speed and time remaining when resuming copy of local files
  • Correctly reset scroll bar sizes in viewer window when slideshow browsing to the next file
  • Fixed some FTP proxy issues (would use proxy even if de-selected in quick connect dialog)
  • FTP Quick Connect now correctly remembers whether a site was anonymous or not
  • Fixed the "disappearing menu bar" problem. Should now stay visible.

31 January 2005 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.30 is released. This is a service release with many improvements. Complete list below.

  • Show a configuration wizard at first run, allowing choice of selection style and window layout
  • Do not resize image viewer window when browsing slide show images, except in best fit mode
  • Display full path in image viewer title bar (if main window title bar configured to do so)
  • Re order text on image viewer title bar, place filename and details first (like Magellan main window title bar)
  • Do not load icons from within executables from network drives by default. Option in folder preferences to enable
  • Icons and List views are now native explorer style list views rather than shell list views and can now be filtered etc.
  • Do not open ZIP archives with extension other than .zip automatically when double clicked, unless configured to do so from the ZIP archiver preferences. Makes it easier to deal with file formats that are really ZIP archives, but are associated with other programs
  • Double buffered windows list control for less flicker
  • Quicker update of ZIP archive contents when creating folders inside it
  • Changed layout of Options menu to make navigation easier
  • Allow multiple copies of Magellan running in the trial version and enable all image viewing features also
  • Allow drag&drop onto ".." entry in folders to drag to parent folder
  • Fixed a rare case where (in Windows Explorer list view mode only) the selection displayed would not be correct after a folder was automatically refreshed on activating the Magellan window
  • Make autosize using CTRL+A in image viewer work
  • Fixed a bug that would display a harmless, yet annoying, "The specified path was not found" dialog after moving a folder within the same drive on Windows 9x. NT/2000/XP was not affected.
  • Display correct icon next to archives with upper case extensions that do not have an associated Windows file type, but are still handled by Magellan
  • Fixed saving of column width in Windows Explorer list view mode for folder layouts
  • Correctly say "Move" and not "Copy" in dialog prompting for new name in "Move as" operation
  • Fixed a crash occurring when editing a file within an archive. Would also occur immediately for e.g. Office files
  • Fixed issues with re ordering columns and popup menu working in mysterious ways
  • Do not apply automatically saved layout to My Computer folder, it's not compatible and may fix the reported crashes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur trying to open an invalid archive from the tree view
  • Correctly fill Send To menu on French Windows
  • Fixed redraw issue on Windows XP with Classic theme when maximizing the Magellan window
  • Improved error handling in file copy code used on Windows NT/2000/XP. Fixes a case where the target file could be silently truncated at the position a read error (e.g. CRC error) on the source file occurred at.
  • Correctly reset scroll bar positions in image viewer window when slideshow browsing to the next file
  • Show 0 byte files as 0kB, not 1kB if configured to display file sizes as kB
  • Undo (ctrl+z) in location drop down in the Search tool now works as you would expect
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Browse button on the User tools setup to fail if the directory did not exist
  • CTRL+C/CTRL+V copy/paste from virtual folders now work correctly
  • Correctly maintain parent folder history when opening favorites directly from My Computer list
  • Fixed the "deselect files after file operation" option for Copy operations. Would previously always deselect.
  • Fixed "Include hidden files and folders" filter box preferences option. Would previously always show.

08 December 2004 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.20 is released. This is a service release with many improvements. Complete list below.

  • Enabled folder customize on My Computer folder also
  • Added auto save of folder layout, can be disabled in Folder Window prefs. Explicitly saved folders override it ofcourse.
  • Tip of the Day at startup
  • Connect status dialog to make it more clear what's happening during connect as well as make it easier to abort connects. A 'Retry now' button is also available to retry immediately rather than waiting.
  • Added option to display filename extension in Ext column instead of in Name column. Configurable from the general tab in folder window preferences.
  • Option to auto start with windows is now saved in current user instead of local machine registry
  • Updated help with description of the dynamic Quick Bar feature
  • Preserve directory timestamps when copying (WinNT/2000/XP/2003 only)
  • Hotkeys can now be assigned to the ALT key also
  • Changed default drag&drop behavior to match Windows Explorer. Default is move within same drive, copy when dragging to a different drive. The option is configurable, and the previous two options (copy or move) remain.
  • By popular request the favorites are back in My Computer (option to turn off in Misc|Misc prefs)
  • Label box now displays "(filtered)" after volume label when folder contents are filtered
  • Updated FAQ section in the manual with all the FAQ entries from the web site
  • Update drivebar asynchronously when activating window. Speeds up window activation to "normal" speeds.
  • Automatically remember divider position on exit (instead of manually through the option on the options menu)
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause crashes while navigating folders, especially with non-default cache settings
  • Right click on main toolbar buttons with toolbar at top of window fixed
  • Show correct titlebar text on startup (<folder> - Magellan Explorer)
  • Show application in Windows task manager on applications tab
  • Correctly save changes when configuring multiple editors in one go on the External editors config page
  • Correctly fill Send To and Open With menus on German Windows
  • Fixed an issue with Describe and windows style listview where files would appear selected although they were not
  • Fixed importing of 2.x FTP favorites that weren't prefixed by "ftp://"
  • Fixed a warning message when trying to assign a hotkey that was already assigned to another tool
  • Correctly update title bar and status bar when toggling active folder window with the keyboard (TAB or space)
  • Fixed preservation of file description when renaming a file with "one click rename" (and not the rename tool)
  • When copying empty folders from an FTP site make sure they're created locally
  • Fixed an FTP bug in the folder delete code causing inability to delete folders on the root of the drive
  • Correctly parse description files containing lines with only whitespace
  • Disallow folder synchronize to/from an archive. It's not supported and would cause a crash
  • Report correct file size for >4GB files compressed inside ZIP archives
  • Fixed a bug that could cause only 2 FTP connections to be available in the full version also
  • Fixed a bug that would disallow copying e.g. c:\foo into c:\foobar.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause filtered folder contents to be cached and displayed when the filter was removed
  • Plugged a small memory leak causing file descriptor leakage when doubleclicking e.g. gzip archives
  • Fixed an FTP bug where a new connection would be opened after changing permission of files (by chmod)
  • Much improved FTP connect with separate lookup/connect. Should also work much better on Windows 98/ME now.
  • Fixed alignment of 'time remaining' and 'transfer speed' text in progress dialog
  • Fixed a selection issue with explorer style listview and SHIFT+PgDd/PgUp where Magellan would belive nothing was selected, even though the listview showed a selection.
  • Fixed context menu for files on Desktop in Magellan Details view
  • Fixed timestamp of folder (WinNT/2000/XP2003 only) from attribute tool
  • Fixed crashes occuring when trying to perform file operations, e.g. rename, on archives directly in tree pane
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Archive and FTP menu
  • Fixed issues with splitters/dividers moving somewhat for each restart of Magellan

16 November 2004 [Web site] Major changes to the front page of the web site has been made.

09 September 2004 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.10 is released. This is a service release with many improvements. Complete list below.

  • Option to disable trimming of working set on minimize
  • Option to disable automatic use of shell view (e.g. Desktop)
  • Added additional payment options including PayPal
  • Option to disable XP themes on main toolbar
  • Added a do-not-show-again dialog after a customizing folder
  • Do not check for updates more than once every 24 hours
  • Filter Box now defaults to include sub folders
  • Right clicking on an empty area of the drive bar now displays the standard tool bar menu
  • Going from main toolbar in the middle to no toolbar would fail to properly hide the toolbar
  • Double clicking files inside virtual folders with non-default columns display no longer crashes
  • Navigating to the parent folder from a virtual folder using the Parent tool now works
  • Navigating to the root folder from a virtual folder now opens My Computer
  • Fixed problems with re-creating a virtual folder with the same name
  • Added support for "Open With" menu in Dutch versions of Windows
  • Do not give weird error when trying to get an MD5 sum of a folder
  • Show extraction context menu items for .tgz files also
  • Fixed issues with ejecting removable media that have been opened in Magellan Explorer
  • Fixed broken drag&drop of favorites
  • Attribute dialog now correctly allows selection of file time in addition to date
  • Fixed "Open in Magellan Explorer" context menu item
  • Selecting "My Computer" from label box context menu now takes you there and not to the Desktop
  • Split now uses correct size of 1.44MB floppy
  • Auto size of viewer window now takes menu bar into account
  • New|Shortcut from folder window context menu now creates link in correct folder
  • Fixed startup issues on Windows NT 4.0
  • Changing folder during automatic folder refresh could lead to crash or incorrectly displayed folder view
  • The custom tools %tp argument now works correctly
  • Minimize on startup will now correctly maximize the window on restore if window state was saved as maximized
  • Fixed an issue with the path box losing focus whenever Magellan auto refreshed a folder
  • Do not copy empty descriptions when copying files. Preserve the existing, if any, instead
  • Toolbar is no longer placed 50% outside window with placement in middle and a single folder windows
  • User tools %FN and %FF tokens now yield the correct paths

01 July 2004 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.01 is released. This is a service release with the following fix.

  • Fixed move of folders to work correctly when folder already exists

29 June 2004 [Magellan Explorer] Version 3.0 is released. Please go to the Download page for more information about how to get your copy. A summary of new features are listed below. Click here for a complete list

  • Improved toolbars
  • More flexible folder views
  • Enhanced explorer mode
  • Improved search and filter
  • Improved archive management
  • Brand new FTP engine
  • Enhanced image viewer
  • Additional tools added
  • Existing tools enhanced
  • Many other new features and enhancements

12 July 2003 [Web site] Lot’s of minor changes to the web site has been made.

01 October 2002 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.6 is released. This is a service release with many improvements.

01 October 2002 [Web site] The order pages has been updated, and some other small changes to the web site has been made.

01 October 2001 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.53 is released. This is a service release with a few improvements.

04 September 2001 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.52 is released. This is a service release with a few improvements.

03 July 2001 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.51 is released. This is a service release with a few improvements.

25 April 2001 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.5 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

15 March 2001 [Web site] The FAQ has been updated, and some other small changes to the web site has been made.

15 March 2001 [Magellan Explorer] The adware version is no longer available or supported.

13 December 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.41 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

20 November 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.4 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

08 September 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.3 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

01 May 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.2 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

15 March 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.1 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

02 March 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.02 is released. This is a service release with a few new features and improvements.

14 February 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.01 is released. This is a service release with a few new features.

25 January 2000 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.0d is released. This is a service release.

14 January 2000 [Magellan Explorer] An Adware version of Magellan Explorer is now available. Adware is a new concept where you get access to software for FREE against having an ad placed within the application. You may use it as long as you wish and it also comes with all the bonus features found in the full version.

17 December 1999 [Magellan Explorer] Version 2.0c is released. This is a service release.

17 December 1999 [Voyager] The name has changed from “Voyager” to “Magellan Explorer”. This was done in order to avoid any confusion with the similarly named FTP Voyager from Rhino Software.

If you have used Voyager 98 1.x before, you will find Magellan Explorer to be better in almost every aspect. This new version contains more features, more options and improved performance and ease of use. Please see New in v2.0 for more details.

30 November 1999 [Voyager] Version 2.0b is released. This is a small service release.

07 November 1999 [Voyager] Version 2.0a is released. This is a small service release.

04 November 1999 [Web site] Order page now includes a link to the Upgrade order form. In addition there has been small updates to a few other pages.

02 November 1999 [Voyager] Version 2.0 is officially released. Please go to the Download page for more information about how to get your copy.

28 October 1999 [Web site] We have redesigned the web pages and moved to another hosting company. Feel free to send your comments on the new design or the performance of the server to

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